ExploreBike Adventure School is a free online course that gives you all the knowledge you need to plan and carry out a motorcycle adventure.

The course takes about 4-5 hours and consists of 20 sections with over 70 instructional videos, pictures and documents.

The course is produced with our partners and all parts of the course is quality assured and well proven.

The course is available in English and in Swedish.


Which factors to consider when buying a adventure motorcycle.


All the parts you need for your adventure bike; protection, packs etc.

Protective gear

Personal protective gear for all types of riding and climate conditions.


Map, compass and technical help as GPS and smartphone.


Equipent as sleeping mat, sleeping bag, tents and how to pick a place to camp.


Documents for your self and for the bike (Swedish focus).


All the tools and spare parts that might be needed.


Handle different situations as borders, corruption and general safety routines.

Transport of motorcycle

Freight of a motorcycle on ferries and on airplanes.

How to pack

Weight distribution and how to organize the pack.


The design of a suspension and adjustment for safety and comfort.

Tires and tubes

Tire and tube choices and best practise on how to change a tire and fix a puncture.

Offroad riding

Active offroad riding on different surfaces and in different situations.

Food and water

Water purification to avoid diseases, cooking and different types of food for adventures.

Off bike clothing

Clothes and gear for both hot and cold weather off the bike.

Communication & information

Emergency communication and different ways to get information for planning.


How to prepare and maintain the level of service on your bike.


First aid and different types of medical equipment and medications.

Photography & film

Basic knowledge on equipment - drones, camera and action camera.

Tips & tricks

Simple tips and tricks to increase the range on your bike, how to tow etc.

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