Ténéré 700 World Raid

The Ténéré 700 World Raid is one of the best adventure bikes on the market.

Suitable for real adventures with a bullet proof construction, a large tank and great suspension.


Ténéré 700 Extreme

The Ténéré 700 Extreme is designed for serious offroad and enduro riding.

The components are adapted specifically for offroad riding.



Cartridge kit Ténéré 700

The Öhlins Cartridge kit gives the bike a world class suspension and increases the performance and feel in the front fork.


Rear Shock Ténéré 700

Th Öhlins Rear shock with the right spring for your weight gives a perfect fit for your riding and improves your handling.



Anakee Adventure

The Anakee Adventure is a 80/20 tire with very good longevity. The long lasting ablity comes from the use of two different rubber materials (with a harder and long lasting compound in the middle and a softer material on the sides).

Front: 90/90 -21 54V
Rear: 150/70 R18 70V


Anakee Wild

The Anakee Wild is my default tire for adventure riding. It is considered as a 50/50 tire and has a bridge block technology. This means that the blocks are attached to each other at the base of the tire, giving it both stability and longevity.

Front: 90/90 -21 54R
Rear: 150/70 R18 70R


Heavy Duty Tube

I prefer using a tube when adventure riding. The Michelin Heavy Duty Offroad tube is 2,5 mm thick and is a middleground between a road tube (approx 1,8 mm) and a ultra heavy duty tube (4 mm). It is made of butyl and holds the air inside the tube very well and it is possible to put a patch if you get a puncture.




The Michelin Tracker is a street legal offroad tire with allround ability. It performs really well on everything from motocross tracks to gravel roads. The price point of these tires ar also really good. 

Front: 90/90 -21 54R
Rear: 140/80 -18 70R


Starcross 6

The Michelin Starcross is a great tire for enduro and I usually use the soft or the medium hard depending on the terrain. For tire pressure I use 1,2 BAR front and 1,5 BAR rear.

Front: 90/100 -21 57M
Rear: 120/90 -18 65M


Ultra Heavy Duty Tube

The Michelin Ultra Heavy Duty tube is 4 mm thick and made of natural rubber. This gives a more robust tube, for example to prevent pinches when riding enduro or offroad.



Bash plate

The bash plate is made from 4 mm aluminium and protects the engine really well. 


Engine guard

The engine guard protects the side of the bike and is useful in the event of a crash.



The Barkbusters has an aluminium protection bar and plastic wind deflectors. Really sturdy and can handle a crash.


Chain guide

The chain guard works as a protection for the rear sprocket and guides the chain to avoid a chain break.


Side protection

The side protection helps with grip for the legs and it also protects the side of the bike from scratches.



Central stand

The Yamaha central stand is a must have for easy service of the bike and tire repair.


Pannier rack

The pannier rack can be used for both soft bags and aluminium panniers.


Pannier (37 liters)

Aluminum panniers are lightweight and makes for a really good protection of the gear.


Inner bag

The inner bag is waterproof and helps to organize the gear.


Lock cylinder

The lock cylinder kit is programmed to fit the motorcycle key.


Pannier rack for top box

The pannier rack fits the top box and the design is very sturdy.


Top box (42 liters)

The top box is great when riding with a pillion and can also fit a helmet.


Back support

The back support makes it comfortable for the pillion rider and is attached to the casin and the lid.


Saddle bag

I use a saddle bag for adventure riding and it is perfect for lighter gear as tent and sleeping bag.

Wild Ass


This seat for the pillion provides som really good comfort for the long rides. I fits the T7 perfectly.


KHL Brake Lever Lock

Lightweight lock with alarm for the brak lever. Easy to handle and no risk to forget the lock when you start riding.


Giant Loop

Fandango Tank Bag

The Fandango tank bag is rugged, waterproof and has a great fit on the bike.

Giant Loop

Coyote Saddle Bag

With 39 liters of space the Coyote Saddel Bag is perfect for small adventures. The fit on the bike is easy to adjust.

Giant Loop

Klamath Tail Rack Pack

The Klamath has 4 liters of space and is perfect for carrying tools and a extra tube for the one day adventure.



Krios Pro

The Krios is really light and this is important for me as I ride long days and for long periods. This means less stress on the neck and shoulders.

The helmet is well wented and I use it as a MX and Enduro helmet when removing the visor.


Badlands Pro A3 Jacket

The Badlands is a good jacket for allround adventure riding. The quality and engineering is the best on the market. Ventilation, visiblity and protection is first class.


Badlands Pro A3 Pants

The Badland pants is well vented and has pockets placed on the legs. This is a feature I like since I carry my survival kit and extra wallet/documents in these pockets.


Badlands GTX Long Glove

This is my glove for cold and wet weather. The Gore-Tex makes it really good for withstanding water.


Dakar Pro Glove

Dakar Pro is my default glove for riding. It is comfortable and has protection for the hand a good grip. It withstands wind on the outher side but still vents on the inside and around the wrist.


Teton Merino Wool SS Shirt

Wool is the best material for base layers. It gives both warmth when it is cold and also cooling for when riding it hot weather.


Teton Merino Wool Boxers

Boxer shorts in wool is very comfortable. Easy to clean and dry when travelling.


Crew Sock

Medium high wool socks are really good for adventure. Keeps cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold.


Adventure GTX Boot

The Adventure boot has great protection and are also waterproof with Gore-Tex. When you are adventure riding you sometimes walk around in your boots and the Adventure GTX Boot are comfortable with a Michelin sole.



F5 Koroyd Helmet

The F5 Koroyd is a light offroad helmet with great cooling ability and a special safety system called MIPS. This system consists of a low friction layer that reduce rotational motions on impact.


Viper Pro

When riding offroad I use goggles to protect my eyes instead of the visor on the helmet. I always bring a pair of goggles on my journeys to be able to switch between the visor and goggles.


Dakar Jacket

Dakar is light weight jacket with really good ventilation. It is perfect for offroad riding and it is even possible to remove the arms. The protection pads do not come with the jacket (since it is designed to be used with a protective armour), so i got them separate.


Dakar Pants

Just as the Badlands pants there are pockets on the side for carrying my survial kit. The pants have a long zipper for ventilation.


Dakar Jersey

The Dakar Jersey is designed to handle really rough conditions and are great for active offroad riding.


Dakar in the boot pant

The Dakar in the boot pant is made of sturdy fabric with enforcements on the knee and ventilation on the side. This makes is perfect for warm weather and tough offroad riding.


Forecast Jacket

The Klim Forecast Jacket is made of Gore-Tex and I use it as a shell layer against wind and rain.


Forecast Pants

The Klim Forecast pant is made of Gore-Tex and is easy to put on or take off since the zippers along the legs goes all the way up to the waist.


Dakar Glove

The Dakar glove is good for warm weather riding and when I ride offroad. It is basicly a MX/enduro glove but a bit sturdier.


Mojave Glove

The Mojave Glove is designed for really hot weather and has enforcements on exposed areas.


Tech 7 Drystar

The Alpinestars Tech 7 Drystar is a waterproof MX/enduro boot that works good for offroad riding




The Sena 50C is not only a intercom system but it is also equipped with a camera and has voice control. The sound from Harman Kardon is excellent.



The Sena RC4 attaches to the steering bar and helps you control your Sena device.



Fully synthetic 10W-40

Yamalube produces high quality oil that suits Yamaha bikes.


Chain Lubricant Spray

Suitable for on and offroad riding. Protects against rust and prolongs the lifetime of the chain.


Chain Cleaning Spray

The Yamalube chain cleaning spray removes dirt and old chain grease. It works on all chains (O/X/Z).




The Loctite 243 threadlocker has a medium strength and is especially suitable for motorcycles.


Epoxy glue

Loctite 3090 is a two part epoxy with fast hardening. Suitable for almost all types of material.


Metal magic steel

The metal magic steel is a great product for fixing broken tubes, damage to the engine and other broken parts.


Universal glue

The universal glue works on most surfaces and is fast hardening.




My main navigation tool is a ordinary paper map. A GPS kan run out of power or break down. A paper map is also much easier to use when planning the route since it gives a good overview.